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"Two and a half years later, we still follow Adrian's budget advice. We have been able to slowly clean up our credit report. Eight months ago we purchased a new vehicle. We are even building our savings account with each pay check. The best part we are able to look at purchasing a home this summer.  We would never be where we are today without the financial counseling we had with Adrian."

Matt & Kelly W.


“Working with Adrian helped me learn to get my expenses under control and pay my bills on time”

Tim B.


“The workshops gave me ideas on how to cut corners, how to check and understand my credit report and the 'ins and outs' of credit in general. I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to take part of these workshops.”

Lisa L. 


“There are two major qualities about Adrian that set him apart from others who tried to help me with my financial health. The first quality that sets Adrian apart from others is his ability to relate.  From the start he was honest with me.  The second quality is Adrian’s modesty.  At no point did Adrian act superior to me.”

Jen B.


“The first time we met I completed a worksheet that detailed my income and expenses.  We also took a look at my credit report.  Adrian helped me determine ways I can cut spending and worked with me on paying off a credit card.  I came away from the program feeling like my “blinders” were removed and have a much better knowledge of where my money is going.”

Lisa L.


“Adrian has helped many first time homebuyers realize their dream of home ownership.  More importantly he has helped to give them knowledge and skills to keep that home and maintain it with a sense of pride.”

Jim B. (bank loan officer)

“Adrian’s program has helped transform our member’s accountability and requires them to do something to also help themselves.”
Ross C. (credit union employee)


“Adrian did an amazing job.  A must have workshop for next year”

A Poverty Matters participant


“Thanks for using personal experiences, helps info hit home.  You are a great presenter and easy to listen to and follow.”

A Poverty Matters participant


“He lived it and speaks well about it.  So glad I attended this presentation.”

Wisconsin Head Start Association participant


“Adrian is very knowledgeable on these topics and uses humor to talk about them.”

Child Care Partnership participant

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