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What I do

One on One Financial Counseling


I work one on one with individuals, families, and couples to deal with money issues.  My specific areas of focus are on budgeting, the psychology of money, ending destructive money habits, credit repair, and debt negotiation.  I can also help with housing counseling, helping people get to the point where they can buy a home.





​Group Educational Workshops, Presentations, and Speeches


Does your agency, organization, or group need someone to come in and do a workshop or presentation on financial topics?  

Perhaps you would like advice on setting up your own financial education program at your non-profit.  I can tailor my workshops, presentations, or speeches on your needs. I have done trainings that run anywhere from multiple sessions down to a single hour.

Do you want to offer financial counseling to your employees as part of their benefit package? Klenz Counseling can offer this service.


My presentations cover:


  • behavioral economics and the psychology of money 

  • budgeting, credit reports and scores 

  • credit repair

  • dealing with debt collectors and debt negotiation

  • avoiding predatory lending and identity theft 

  • helping people prepare for buying a home  


Fee Structure


I offer a very flexible fee structure based on income and needs of the individual or agency.  I will work with you to find a mutually agreed upon price.


For individual counseling I base my fee on your income.  When you call me to talk we will agree on a price.


Referrals from agencies I will charge $25 per session for individual counseling.


For workshops, presentations, or speeches I determine my fee based on a variety of factors.  For local presentations I charge $35 an hour for non-profits.  For profit agencies the fee will be determined based on the size of your organization and the needs of your organization. The starting fee is $50 an hour with the maximum being $100 an hour.  


Travel and lodging will require additional fees.


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