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Hello, my name is Adrian Klenz.  I am a certified financial counselor with certification through The Association for Financial Counseling, Planning, & Education (AFCPE). I have been working as a financial counselor and financial educator since 2009.


I am also honored to be a faculty member in the Financial Capability program through NeighborWorks America, certified in Financial Capability and Pre-Purchase Home Ownernership Education. I travel around the country teaching non-profits how to set up and sustain financial capability programs. I also have a background in housing counseling and have been a HUD Certified Housing Counselor since October of 2010.


Financial counseling is a passion for me.  In my younger days I made a lot of mistakes with money!  I experienced first-hand the guilt, shame, and fear associated with money issues.  


I use my own experiences with money issues to develop a client driven and empathetic approach to helping those looking to climb out from under the burden of financial hardship.  


I applaud you for taking the first step in this journey.  


Let me know how I can help you!





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